Friday, September 9, 2011

Returning to Ulaanbaatar

August 18, 2011

After breakfast we all packed up our luggage and set out for Ulaanbaatar.

Trudy and Jig went in one vehicle with Dash who was attending our briefings in Ulaanbaatar.

I hitched a ride with Sarah and Donna in their Toyota Landcruiser. It was great! I had legroom. I had comfort! and I was not crouded in!

Our travels back were almost 7 hours but the ride was smooth, even when some of the roads were rough. We stopped for lunch and found that we were at a very popular spot that was filled with diners and some food choices were no longer available.

I had lamb with noodles and was quite content. I have had so much lamb on this trip, the next noise out of my mouth will be baah baah baah.

When we arrived at our hotel of modern conveniences, Imperial Puma Hotel, we were pleased to hear that two of our colleagues (Meagan and Sophie), that we were worried about, were released from a quarantined area to board their plane and arrive at our hotel later that night.

It was wonderful meeting up with all the other coaches and sharing stories of our experiences.

We all had dinner together than most everyone needed an early bedtime as we were each quite exhausted from the travelling.

I kept busy up to near midnight and was able to welcome Sophie and Meagan as they checked in.

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